• Energy Trading and Risk Management

  • Content Management Systems

  • Personal Data Protection Law in Turkey

  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Custom Software Development

We develop custom web, SaaS, cloud, applications for Energy, E-Commerce, E-Learning, Logistics and Transportation industries.

Data Warehousing, ETL, ELT

We transform relational and complex data structures from different sources into easy-to-use fact and dimension tables and real-time dashboards by designing and creating an end-to-end data pipeline.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

We believe that visualization is an integral part of any data analytics, and allows interpreting and extracting vital information from the generated data, leading to faster and more efficient decision making processes. We provide interactive data visualization services and help clients cope with information overload. We analyze and present large data sets in interactive and intuitive dashboards, graphs, heat maps, charts and other visualizations. We convert complex data into pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards to spot trends, identify outliers and business opportunities.

IT Project Management

We provide outsourcing services.

Personal Data Protection Law

We ensure that the legal, business and information technology departments speak the same language at the point of personal data protection law.

CI and CD

We design and configure CI processes in Github, Azure and similar applications.


We are well-experienced in managing data-sets, cleansing them, slicing and dicing them to find the patterns and co-relations and even crunch data to derive useful insights and patterns. We apply our knowledge and experience to solve complex issues with intelligent ML models.

Robotic Process Automation

We help companies to automate repetitive and time-consuming operations, which are likely to be impossible in some cases.